What can you do about high gas and energy prices?

That’s what this site is about, and more.

During my 35 years in industrial power plant operations I saw an ever increasing emphasis on energy management as fuel and energy prices gradually but continually increased. (See ‘About the Author’)

Today energy prices are everybody's concern.

As you browse our site you’ll see simple ways to start saving both gas and money today. You won't see a lot of technical jargon. But you will see how you can help win the fight to end high energy prices.


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Energy Events
The Energy News Blog keeps you up-to-date on ever changing events in the energy world including new technologies, energy news, site improvements, energy saving tips, and much more.
Energy War – A Plan to Win
A simple 5-step action plan to win the fight against high energy prices.
How to Save Energy at Home
Knowing how to save energy at home is more important than ever. And saving is easier and more profitable than ever.
Money Saving Driving
Finding cheap gas when you’re out for a drive is easy when you follow these timely tips.
Gas Saving Driving
Discover how to increase gas mileage by over 30%, just by changing a few driving habits.
Money Saving Car Care - Personal Car Finances
7 critical aspects of personal car finances that can save you thousands on every car you buy.
Gas Saving Car Care
Gas saving car care doesn’t cost, it pays. Here are 10 ways to save gas by just taking care of your car.
Money Saving Checklist
This money saving car maintenance checklist should be at the top of every scheduled car maintenance checklist.
Energy Careers
Help create a world of abundant affordable energy, and get paid. Energy job descriptions include virtually every profession and trade known.
Energy Careers
Energy careers for professionals include scientists, geologists, and much more.
Energy Sector Skilled Trades Jobs
There are scores of skilled trades jobs opportunities in the energy sector.
Energy Sector Sales Positions
Sales positions in the energy sector are some of the most lucrative opportunities around.
Energy Conservation Business Opportunities
Energy business opportunities include energy conservation business opportunities, alternative energy business opportunities, green business opportunities, and much more.
Applied Energy Management Certifications
Applied energy management converts theory into real world savings in a number of ways.
The Importance of Education for Energy Careers
The importance of education for an energy career cannot be understated.
Energy Mutual Funds Investing
Energy mutual funds and other investments are key weapons in the fight to end high energy prices and move forward to a brighter energy future.
What Will Be The Energy Of The Future?
What will be the energy of the future? There are actually a number of candidates . . .
Beginners Guide For Investing In Stock Market Opportunities
A free beginners guide for investing in stock market opportunities is a great way to start making your money work for you. If you have . . .
Investment Risks Primer
All money making ventures involve investment risks. On the surface it appears that investing is simply a matter of finding the highest return and sticking your money in . . .
Taking Risk To Succeed Means Knowing The Risks
Taking risk to succeed shouldn’t mean committing financial suicide. Investing is risky . . .
The Best Performing Mutual Funds
Finding the best performing mutual funds is a remarkably simple task thanks to some remarkable resources found on the net. Whether you’re looking for . . .
How To Stop Gas Prices From Killing Your Wallet
Want to know how to stop gas prices from killing your wallet? Cheap gas prices in US service stations are long gone but there are ways to . . .
The Worlds Best Energy Investment
The worlds best energy investment is the one that is secure, pays off big when energy prices are high, and holds the hope of . . .
Alternative Energy Investment Funds
Finding good alternative energy investment funds takes some research. But the seven-step process shown here will simplify the process.
Renewable Energy Start-up Business Investing
If you want to invest in a renewable energy start-up business, be careful, be really careful.
New Energy Technologies
New energy technologies promise a future of abundant, economical energy for all.
New Alternative Energy Companies and Technologies
Alternative energy companies and inventors are generating hundreds of ideas. Some even have merit.
Advanced Conventional Energy Technologies
Advanced technologies that harness conventional energy resources are quietly making revolutionary changes in the ways we get energy.
New Energy Technologies For Homes
New energy technologies for homes of all kinds can help you lower your energy use and save money - - - without giving up a modern lifestyle.
Geothermal Heat Pump Buyers Guide
Geothermal heat pump customers too often make the huge, and costly mistake of jumping into a major energy equipment purchase without. . .
The Best Hybrid Cars
The best hybrid cars can end the oil monopoly today, not ten years from now.
Gas Engine Fuel Saver Tests
Tests of gas engine fuel saver products.
Energy Resources - Are We Running Out?
We reveal 19 proven energy resources including 2 vast alternative oil resources, and 2 equally vast alternative natural gas resources.
Fossil Fuel Oil
Are we running out of fossil fuel oil? If we are running out, how much is left and how long will it last?
Canadian Oil Sands
What are Canadian Oil Sands? If we are running out of fossil fuel oil, can we refine fuel from oil sands? And just how big is the supply?
Green River Oil Shale
What is Green River Oil Shale? If we are running out of fossil fuel oil, can we refine fuel from oil shale? And just how big is the supply?
Coal Fossil Fuel
Are we running out of coal fossil fuel? If we are running out, how much is left and how long will it last?
Natural Gas Energy – How Much Is Left?
Increasing cost of natural gas energy resources lead many to wonder if we are reaching the end of the gas line. If we are running out, how much is left? And how long will the supply last?
Natural Gas Energy – Stranded Resources
Are we running out of natural gas energy resources? To properly answer that question we should include ALL natural gas resources. That includes stranded natural gas energy resources.
Natural Gas Energy – How Much Is Really Left?
How much natural gas energy do we really have left? To answer that question we must include a largely overlooked form of natural gas that may be the most important energy resource in history.
Disadvantages of Biomass - Part I
For all of its advantages, there are a number of disadvantages of biomass that some find unacceptable. Biomass is not quite a perfect energy resource.
Disadvantages of Biomass - Part II
For all of its advantages, there are a number of disadvantages of biomass that some find unacceptable. Biomass is not quite a perfect energy resource.
Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power
Few debates stir emotions as intensely as the pros and cons of nuclear power. Is it an energy dream come true, or nuclear nightmare? In many people’s minds, there is no middle ground.
Pros and Cons of Wind Power
Like most other technologies, there are pros and cons of wind power to consider. But the promise of all the power humanity will ever need, with no pollution, is both compelling and exciting.
Pros and Cons of Solar Power
Though the pros and cons of solar power continue to be debated, it is starting to make a serious contribution to our energy resource mix. Solar energy systems work with...
Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy
Debates about the pros and cons of geothermal energy focus on environmental concerns. While there is some environmental cost, geothermal could prove to be the most benign energy resource of all, and
Hydropower Dams - Pros and Cons
Debates about hydropower dams focus on the flooding of millions of acres to provide electrical power. To some, both the dollar cost and environmental price of hydropower have been unacceptable.
Pros and Cons of Run of the River Hydro Power
Run of the river hydro power relies on the natural flow of a waterway. If the water flow in a stream is reduced, so is the available power output of a hydro turbine placed in the stream.
Osmotic Energy - Pros and Cons
Salient grade, or osmotic energy uses the difference in the salt content of fresh water and salt water to generate electricity. This exotic sounding process is actually quite simple.
Open and Closed System OTEC - Pros and Cons
Both open and closed system OTEC use the temperature difference between warm surface waters and deep, cold waters to create a pressure difference in a gas that can then be used to generate electricity
Ocean Wave Energy - Pros and Cons
Ocean wave energy has fascinated inventors and engineers for centuries but no practical method of harnessing this resource has been developed, until recently.
Tidal Energy Use – Pros and Cons
Tidal energy use harnesses the water flow created as the moon orbits the Earth. As water is pulled toward the gravity of the moon, currents are created that can turn generator turbines.
Ocean Surface Current Energy
Ocean surface current resources are hidden from view just off the coastlines of every continent on Earth. Though vast, these incredible energy resources are almost completely unused.
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Energy Events
The Energy News Blog keeps you up-to-date on ever changing events in the energy world including new technologies, energy news, site improvements, energy saving tips, and much more.


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