The search for the best spark plug fuel economy involves two distinct areas, maintenance schedules and technology improvements.

For most drivers, the most important aspect of spark plug fuel economy is good engine maintenance.




Getting the best spark plug fuel economy can be as simple as following car maintenance schedules recommended by the manufacturer. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence states that misfiring spark plugs can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 30%, or $.75/gallon. Spark plugs in new cars can last for 50,000 miles and more (consult your owner’s manual). But spark plugs can become fouled from a number of causes including rich fuel mixture, leaking oil seals, or cylinder head problems that allow engine coolant to enter the combustion chamber. Fouled plugs can also cause an early or pre-ignition situation, damage your engine, and increase fuel consumption.

A good mechanic knows How To Read A Spark Plug . He can read the appearance of a spark plug to determine if your engine is burning oil, running a rich fuel/air mixture, a lean fuel/air mixture, or if combustion conditions are normal.

A good mechanic will tell you that the best automotive fuel saving devices are simply good car maintenance programs (like those detailed in your owner's manual), and smart driving habits like those discussed on our Gas Saving Driving pages.

That doesn’t mean that nothing can be improved. In fact, virtually everything on your car continues to evolve and improve, including spark plugs.



Bad puns aside, the search for ways to beat high gas prices often turns to getting the best spark plug fuel economy ratings. Some spark plugs do, in fact, seem to perform better than others under certain conditions.

Of the many so-called gas saving devices on the market, two spark plug designs actually have independent tests that support the claims of the manufacturers.

It is also noteworthy that these manufacturers make only modest performance claims. And the products are reasonably priced.

So, if it's tune-up time, the plugs discussed here are worth checking out. _________________________________________________________________


As you check out the spark plugs, remember the following:

The claimed efficiency gains of the spark plugs discussed here are in the range of 5%. A typical car can experience mileage variations of 5% or more because of weather conditions, traffic congestion, who is driving the car, and a host of other variables. So don’t expect any miraculous increase in performance or mileage.

Performance data for spark plugs are typically measured in a laboratory at heavy or full engine loads. People rarely drive their cars under such conditions.

Some of the new spark plug designs don’t have an adjustable gap. They could, in certain vehicles, perform less efficiently than the plugs that were installed by the car manufacturer.

The spark plugs that car manufacturers put in your engine have been extensively tested and proven to give your engine excellent performance under a wide variety of driving conditions. You can’t go wrong by sticking to the auto manufacturers recommendations.

As you shop, be sure to read the customer reviews for Amazon Spark Plugs. They can help you decide whether or not they're worth the extra cost.



Each page on Amazon Automotive has an easy to use Auto Parts Finder that makes finding the right spark plug as simple as, well, clicking a mouse.

When you put in your vehicle info and click, Amazon instantly (well, almost instantly) takes you to the right page with the right parts for your car.



If you're replacing spark plugs because you suspect a bad plug, or if your engine has high miles (say 75,000 or more), you may save work, time, and money by replacing the plug wires when you replace the spark plugs.



One of the oldest and most trusted names in automotive ignition systems is Bosch. Their Platinum+2, Platinum+4, and Platinum Ir Fusion series plugs are shown on the Amazon Bosch Platinum Spark Plug product pages.

These plugs have several advancements that have been shown in independent tests to increase fuel efficiency above that of conventional plugs. One big key to these efficiency gains is a design that allows a more direct flame path from the ignition source into the cylinder.



The E3 Spark plug has a design that at first glance is similar to the Bosch plug, but has some technical differences that the manufacturer claims make it even more efficient.

You will find customer reviews, prices, and other info for E3 Spark Plugs at Amazon E3 Spark Plugs _________________________________________________________________

Bosch and E3 Plugs are also available at local auto parts stores near you. A number of stores let you check availability and place your order online, then pick up at the store.

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The search engine can also produce customer info. Entering a term like “MYNEW spark plug reviews” or “MYNEW spark plug scam” will give you some revealing product opinions. MYNEW, of course, refers to the brand of spark plug for which you are seeking information.


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