[NOTE: The Car Sound/Magnaflow site details important EPA and other legal restrictions regarding catalytic converter changes.]

Exhaust pipe theory suggests two ways to save gas money.

In its simplest form, the exhaust pipe in your car carries exhaust from your engine to the rear of your car and out into the surrounding air.

Less restriction in your exhaust pipe means more energy efficiency, more power, and better gas mileage.

More restriction means less energy efficiency, less power, and worse gas mileage.



Gibson Performance Exhaust Tests show that efficient exhaust systems can increase horsepower and give gas savings averaging about 10% or $.25/gallon, or more

Since reducing back pressure has been shown by the Gibson folks to improve fuel economy, exhaust pipe theory predicts that a similar increase in back pressure would have the opposite effect. Restricted exhaust systems use extra energy and cost money.

If you run over a piece of junk on the road, it can crush your exhaust pipe and set up an excess backpressure in your exhaust system that can kill performance and fuel economy.

A simple visual inspection from time to time is an easy way to assure that your exhaust system isn’t causing higher gas expenses.


Should you replace your factory exhaust system with a performance system to save gas?

If it’s strictly a money decision then you’ll need to figure how many miles you’ll have to drive to get a payback on the investment based on the increased mileage claims made by the manufacturers.

On the other hand, if you’re determined to minimize your fuel consumption regardless of payback, or expect to gain horsepower, or if you just like the sound of a performance system, then your decision is already made.

In either case, be sure to see if installing a performance exhaust system will affect your car warranty or be in violation of any local laws regarding sound levels.


Performance exhaust systems like Gibson, Magnaflow, Dynomax, and more can be found online at Amazon Exhaust Systems, AutoPartsGIANT.com , and JCWhitney.com .

You can also do an online search to check price and availability of exhaust systems at your local auto parts stores.

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More information on exhaust systems and theory can be found at Gibson Performance .



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